In Light of the Malaysian Airlines Shooting

Ukraine It seems that we, as humans, are unable to handle mayhem.

3 hours ago, an airliner full of 295 innocent people was brutally and callously shot down. Reporters and journalists are speechless as they root through hundreds of dead bodies, recognizing headphones still perched on silenced heads, and cracked iPhones still sticking out of anonymous pockets. A sight so foreign, yet personal; it’s not an unreasonable conclusion to assume that the world would innately comfort and gather around this pinnacle of tragedy.

As it turns out, no. Caught in the midst of lack of infrastructure, it seems that the most selfish desires come into play. Israel, as a potent and recent example, coincidentally sent a serious ground force into Gaza, just as the haze of confusion and horror reached a peak. Casualties have already spanned into the hundreds as Israel and Hamas trade fire, (though critics argue that they wouldn’t turn to Israel to admit it). Biden has made a ploy for presidential pull in the coming election as he takes the opportunity to inform the American people of this tragedy (the Malaysian airline, not any of the countless others). In some cases, the tragedy is even taken as comedic opportunity. This terrifying and seemingly rallying issue has taken a grievous and shocking turn for the worst. While we, as separate nations as well as moral beings of human nature, are expected to call for peace and community, the situation as it develops calls more for a deeply introspective pondering of selfish desires.

-The Nina Weevil


magic 8 ball

lately, everything feels like it’s been falling apart and coming together in a new way. it’s messy and scary and wholly unsatisfying, but i have the feeling i’m on my way to something great soon.

my room is a different color. am i falling out of love? i’m going to have to write more songs and do gigs before summer’s over. do i have the strength to pick myself up after last month’s disaster? i’m starting again at high school this year. do i actually feel anything for my friends? i made four new social media accounts for Sidney Loraine yesterday. is my personality splitting? my parents talk too loudly. am i a bad person? i feel much more confident. will i get the girl? will i get sick? will i ever stop clogging up this blog with my meaningless personal posts? find out all these answers and MORE on next week’s episode.


I want to be meaningful;

But not so that no one can hear me.

I want to be deep;

But not so that no one can see me.

I want to be pretty;

But not so that I lie, discarded, face-up.

I want to be inspired;

But not a thief.

I want to experience;

To feel the wind on my cheeks,

The shock of fresh air,

The musty scent of a half friendship,

And the eyesore that only comes, empty-handed, from looking too hard.

But oh, how I want to look hard!

And feel the strands of hair on my face,

The fade on my boots,

And the warm, familiar tug of a heart to a love.


— but not so that no one knows me.


By The Nina Weevil. I own it; don’t copy it.

don’t want to

…leave my home.

hate us, love us, stereotype us; we’re just two letters.

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i’m not ready

…to leave this place